Individual Psychotherapy

I have over 28 years of experience providing competent, compassionate, respectful, short-term and long-term psychotherapy to adults. Using a whole-person, culturally sensitive approach, I help people look at their strengths and areas for growth. Clients may choose to explore the emotional, physical, and/or spiritual aspects of their therapy issues. I bring specialized insight, training and experience to help people with depression and anxiety, communication issues, sexual and physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect, eating disorders, body image, misconduct/exploitation by other professionals, GLBT issues, and addiction recovery.

Clients I work with tend to:

  • Be interested in exploring and integrating whole-hearted living– mind, body, and spiritual aspects of being happy and more connected with self and others.·
  • Want to clear out obstacles that are in the way of doing what is meaningful to them.
  • Be interested in using writing, drawing, movement, somatic experience (awareness of body signals), or other expressive modes as part of the path to healing and wholeness.

EMDR:  One of many techniques that I may use in individual therapy.
Learn more about EMDR on the EMDR International Association’s public information pages.

I am trained in EMDR levels 1 and 2.

Consultation and Supervision of Psychotherapy

Custom Recordings:
Relaxation, Guided Imagery, Meditation, and/or Affirmation exercises tailored to your needs and issues.

Workshop Offered Periodically:

  • Watering the Heart-Root: Songs, Chants, and Stories for Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being

I schedule appointments  Monday through Thursday.  The hours vary depending on the day.  Please contact me to find out what times are currently available.  I do not schedule appointments in the evenings or on weekends.