Individual Psychotherapy

I have over 29 years of experience providing competent, compassionate, respectful, short-term and long-term psychotherapy to adults. Using a whole-person, culturally sensitive approach, I help people look at their strengths and areas for growth. Clients may choose to explore the emotional, physical, and/or spiritual aspects of their therapy issues. I bring specialized insight, training and experience to help people with depression and anxiety, communication issues, sexual and physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect, eating disorders, body image, misconduct/exploitation by other professionals, LGBTQIA+ issues, and addiction recovery.

Clients I work with tend to:

  • Be interested in exploring and integrating whole-hearted living– mind, body, and spiritual aspects of being happy and more connected with self and others.·
  • Want to clear out obstacles that are in the way of doing what is meaningful to them.
  • Be interested in using writing, drawing, movement, somatic experience (awareness of body signals), or other expressive modes as part of the path to healing and wholeness.

EMDR:  One of many techniques that I may use in individual therapy.
Learn more about EMDR on the EMDR International Association’s public information pages.

I am trained in EMDR levels 1 and 2.

Consultation and Supervision of Psychotherapy

Custom Recordings:
Relaxation, Guided Imagery, Meditation, and/or Affirmation exercises tailored to your needs and issues.

Workshop Offered Periodically & Upon Request:  (See Watering the Heart-Root tab)

  • Deepen Your Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being: Using Songs, Chants, Anecdotes, Discussion, Psycho-Education. (One-session workshops.)
  • Appreciating & Loving Our Bodies–Just As They Are!
  • Deepening Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being: An 8-Session Experiential Class

I schedule appointments  Monday through Thursday.  The hours vary depending on the day.  Please contact me to find out what times are currently available.  I’m not available for appointments in the evenings or on weekends.